MV Seaqueen (Inaktiv)

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cnielsenPADI AOW184 TGs

Liveaboard 28-09-2008 to 09-10-2008Having returne ...

Liveaboard 28-09-2008 to 09-10-2008
Having returned to the cold Denmarkfor a week, I wish to share me and my wife´s very good experience on the Seaqueen for a 12 day liveaboard.

The Seaqueen takes up till 12 guests. On our trip the boat was full for the first week and then half the guest left. So plenty of room. The boat is cosy. Compared to the more flashy Red Sea liveaboards it is a little basic, which in my eyes is not negative at all. The cabins are fairly small with own bath and toilet. All diving is done from an accompanying Dhoni. The crew is very competent and friendly. ...
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