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Ruhe und Erholgung

14 Tage waren wir im Rahmen einer Gruppenreise von Tauchertraum in dem Hotel mit angeschlossener Tauchbasis. Die Lage ist einfach traumhaft. Strand sauber und sehr schön mit täglichen Schildkröten auf dem Weg zur Eiablage. Wir haten den Bungalow "Goyave" und waren zufrieden. Das Essen war sehr gut. Lediglich die Getränke fanden wir etwas teuer. Der Tauchbetrieb war typisch französisch und äußerst professionell und extrem angagiert.
Absoluter Höhepunkt sind die Makis der Anlage, aber auch das Umland ist jederzeit für Ausflüge gut.
Die Basis hat zwei Speedboote. Tauchen geht am Morgen ans Außenriff und am Nachmittag in die Lagune. Alle Mitarbeiter der Basis sind sehr hilfsbereit und äußerst erfahren.
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mike-yPADI rescue1900 TGs

To visit one of your favourite destinations a sec ...

To visit one of your favourite destinations a second time at a different time of year might present you with a different picture of it. Christmas and New Year was ideal, with few days off work you could get a real long vacation. So I choose Mayotte again (see undercurrent instant reader report Sept. 09). It would give me a warm climate with only 2 hours plus GMT, so no jet lag at all. Again I went on the Boeing 777 with Air Austral starting from Paris via Reunion. A heavy downpour welcomed us on the island. My arrival was a Sunday, everybody seemed to be on last errands for christmas, so it took us 4 hours to reach Jardin Maore Resort. First it took nearly 1 hour form my suitcase to drop onto the carousell. A traffic jam was waiting for us on our way to the ferry, we had to wait for the next boat to reach the main island. In one of the smaller villages a marriage celebration blocked the road. In life and on vacation sometimes everything comes together. Lucky for me, the rain stopped as sudden as it had come, sunshine, blue water and a lovely beach greeted me on arrival at Jardin Maore. I had booked my dives in advance by e-mail and planned to only join the deeper morning dives at the barrier reef outside the lagoon. Dives inside the lagoon mostly had bad vis and I just love walls and going deep. Nitrox was for free. To renew my impressions of the last visit, I immediately went snorkeling inside the bay. On my way to the house reef I already encountered 12 turtles feeding on seagras. Then I swam into plankton thick as pea soup on the surface. It was disgusting to feel that stuff on your cheeks and lips, luckily there were no stingers in between. You really had to sort of shovel your way through this stuff. It was a layer of aproximately 20 cm thick plankton. For three days we had this soup inside the bay, then all of sudden one morning it was gone. The Zodiac from last time here had a puncture. Now you reach the outer reef on a two engined steel boat with sun protection and enough space for your gear camera etc. On our fist morning a big school of dolphins accompanied us jumping and somersaulting out of the water. The walls again were beatiful, huge Gorgonia, good fish life on and around the top of the reef, a little less on the drop offs. A bunch of barracuda, sweetlips, yellow snapper, fuesseliers were swimming around. Once in a while we saw a turtle or a shy shark way below us. One day when we kicked along the wall at around 30 m I saw some movement below, not sure what it was fish or something else. Coming closer near 40 m I recognized 12 bigger squids of aproximately 80 cm which seemed to be in some mating frenzy. I was impressive to see these animals swimming around each other, touching and changing colour all the time. I love to watch this creature with it´s undulating seam all around the body. I dropped down to 47 m watching this, which was not too good an idea diving on EAN 32 and my computer complained with beeps. There were some big trigger fish around which I´m not afraid of, but keep a safe distance. In the Maldives I had some bad experience you can still see a tiny mark on my fins of that. Even so at this time I watched them carefully one guy maybe remembered me and came onto me like a whirlwind. Only wild kicking kept him away but he tried several times to attack me. I hate this as it surely increases your pulse rate tenfold Two times dolphins approached us under water, a fey bigger sting rays were down on the sandy bottom. Only once did we jump into current and raced along the reef. Then there definitely was much more action around, jacks and barracuda cruising around and fish of every size all around us, a huge grouper passed below us, on top of the reef a napoleon swam by. One day they talked me into a night dive inside the bay. There is a small sailing boat on the bottom at around 18 m. Lots of small stuff in the beam of our torches. With the shadows created by our lights it gave an eerie and bizarre picture. Water on the surface was 29 C deeper down still warm 27 C. I went with a 5 mil which was just fine. Vis most times was good at around 40 m plus, only few times we had to swim through some kind of fog with less than 10 m visibility. Weather most days was good and sunny with temperatures reaching 36 C. Only my last few days were cloudy with some showers in between and strong wind. During my stay there 7 turtles came at night time onto the beach to lay their eggs. I would have liked to see some babies crawling out to reach the sea, but nothing happened. Mamoudzou the capital is worth a visit. The market is a hotspot of colours and one big hurly burly place, cheap mango lychees fruits and spices of all kinds, vanilla and ylang ylang you will find there.
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Comoros, MayotteSince I heard of that fossil fish ...

Comoros, Mayotte

Since I heard of that fossil fish (Latimeria) they found alive in the deep blue of the Comores Islands more than 2 decades ago this dive destination is on my mind. However the chance of catching Malaria and later some political riots kept me away, my travel agent took this area off his program. This year however I made that idea come true. Comoros, Mayotte is far north in the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and the east cost of Africa. 11 h flight from Paris on Air Austral via Reunion which is really worth a stop over for at least a week to see the diversity of that beautiful island and it´s nature. Another 2 h got me to Mayotte, both islands still or again belong to France, so the currency is Euro. It´s an island with beautiful nature, plenty of baobab trees, Ylang Ylang and the nearly tame Maki half monkeys you´ll find everywhere around. Tourism is still in it´s first steps. Only a few smaller hotels and restaurants can be found. Few Europeans and even French tourist seem to know this destination. Choose a nice bungalow accommodation with Jardin Maore, a place in a lovely setting right on a sandy beach with it´s own bay. A nice house reef for snorkelling invites right on arrival to have a first look at what´s waiting for you. On my way out I already encountered 13 green turtles feeding on sea grass, a big surprise to find that many around. But you got used to this, nearly every day I counted more than 10 and every week we had around 6 animals nesting at night time on the beach. These turtles did not mind swimmers close to them, only their buddy remora got chased away or went underneath it´s transport vehicle. During low tide you sometimes can´t swim in the bay but have to walk through shallow water to the edge of the house reef. The dive school normally offers 2 dives a day, going to the outer reef in the morning, doing a lagoon dive in the afternoon. Nitrox 32 was for free, maybe to keep European divers in the limits of 40 m max., they use 12 + 15 l steel cylinders. Water was around 26 degrees C, vis on the outer reef had a stunning 30 – 40 m, inside it was sometimes much less due to tide changes or else. For a 10 dive package with your own equipment they charge 340 Euros. Diving at the outer reef was fascinating as we often met schools of dolphins already on our way and twice even had humpbacks with a baby. We went snorkelling with dolphins, they were curious and came real close and two times on safety stop we had similar encounters. Reefs are like Maldives, lots of small colourful reef fish, Fueselliers etc. . Mostly we went down slopes or drop offs to around 40 m where a ledge started after it went down into endless blue. Different to the Maldives we had plenty of huge Gorgonia already in around 20 m, some areas with black coral, fields of pastel coloured soft coral and huge barrel sponges. Pelagics only few, some eagle rays, sharks only way down below us, some barracuda, a school of jacks, big groupers. Some places showed damage due to cyclones (?) running and slopes had partly sand on the hard coral. You could dive your own profile or follow the guide. It was European style diving, 1 hour or 50 bar and you are on the surface. Along the walls we had often a bit of a current, so it was an enjoyable drift dive.
Inside the lagoon I was happy to find amazing good healthy coral growth after El Ninjo, staghorn I couldn´t believe to grow to that size in only a couple of years. There are boulders with breathtaking coral cover of all kinds, only fish sometimes seemed to be rare around.
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