WDC partners with Walflüsterer (Whale whisperer) project to promote sustainable whale watching

21.09.2016 08:45
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The “Walflüsterer” (Whale whisperer) project, which promotes sustainable whale-watching trips, has chosen the Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s (WDC) as partner for 2016 and the upcoming year. In the Dominican Republic, there are a number of nature conservation areas and marine reserves, among them the shallow waters of the Samaná Peninsula. This is where some 3,000 and 5,000 humpback whales travel to every January to March to give birth and raise their calves.

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For 7 years, the tourism board of the Dominican Republic has been organising the “Walflüsterer” project. Anyone keen to assist in the research on humpback whales can apply to join the project as an ambassador. A jury, together with WDC representatives, will select a suitable applicant for 2017. The successful applicant will travel to the Bay of Samaná next spring where he or she will work with the non-governmental conservation organisation CEBSE (Center for the Conservation of Samaná Bay and its Surroundings).

During the stay, he or she will undertake various tasks like taking tourists on boat trips, office work and managing the “Walflüsterer’s” blog and its other social media platforms. The costs of flights and accommodation will be borne by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic and Bahia Principe Hotels.

This is the seventh time that the “Walflüsterer” Project is being organised. Petra Cruz-Deyerling, Director of the Dominican Republic’s tourism board in Europe, is positive about the new collaboration. “The “Walflüsterer” project plays an important role in communicating the importance of protecting the humpback whales in the Bay of Samaná. Having the WDC as a new partner is fantastic. This collaboration demonstrates our holistic approach to nature conservation and promotes the Dominican Republic as a destination for eco-tourism,” she said in German.

The WDC welcomes the tourism board’s approach to promoting sustainable whale watching. Following its appearance in the 2016 guide for responsible whale watching in early summer (de.whales.org/themen/der-wdc-ratgeber-walbeobachtung), this cooperation with the “Walflüsterer” project is its next exciting project.

More information: www.whales.org