The Seabin - Floating trash bin to fight oceanic trash

29.12.2015 07:13
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Simple and inexpensive method to solve the problem of floating trash

Seabin - © Seabin Project
“There's nothing worse than being out there, surrounded by plastic.”
Pete Ceglinski, on the floating trash in the ocean

Simply put, the Seabin Project is about collecting garbage floating in the waters of marinas. The prototype even looks like a trash bin, albeit with a long metal tube attached.

However, the two men who came up with the concept have their sights on a cleaner ocean for the world, starting with one marina at a time.

Described as “an automated rubbish bin that catches flating rubbish, oil, fuel and detergents”, the Seabin is designed to clean up the waters of floating docks at marinas, ports and yacht clubs. Touted as having the ability to work 24/7, it can trap the floating rubbish on the water surface, even those that tend to collect in certain areas due to predominant wind and current directions.

Currently, only a working prototype exists; its developers Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski are using crowdfunding to fund its initial production.

The Seabin works by the sucking in the water at the surface using a pump. Any floating debris would be sucked in as well. While the water flows out through a natural-fibre catch bag inside the Seabin, the trash remains in the bag. In the meantime, the water flows up to a pump on the dock (where there is an option to remove oil particles as well) before being pumped back into the marina.

When the collection bag is full, it can be emptied, cleaned and reused.

In short, the Seabin uses a relatively simple and inexpensive method to solve the problem of floating trash – thumbs up for this innovative invention!

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