SEA LIFE Munich breeds rare jellyfish

02.03.2016 10:16
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World's second successful breeding

SEA LIFE Munich has succeeded in breeding a very rare jellyfish, the Rhizostoma luteum. To date, this is the world's only second successful breeding of this species.

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The jellyfish, which is native to the Mediterranean, is not found in aquariums due to their rarity. In fact, when there were no other sightings after it was first sighted in 1827 in the western Mediterranean, its continued existence was in doubt. Then, in 2012, some specimens turned up at the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

At the beginning of this year, the species was successfully bred for the first time at Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna. The zoo had received the planula larvae of a sexually mature jellyfish from the organisation Jelly Research South Spain, and carefully nurtured them as they developed into polyps and eventually becoming jellyfish.

And now, the Sea Life Munich has also succeeded in breeding this rare animal. Dr Jens Bohns, the technical and biological manager at Sea Life Munich said, “we are very proud to have succeeded in breeding this rare jellyfish.

The German translation for this jellyfish – yellow cauliflower jellyfish (Rhizostoma luteum) – refers to their appearance. When fully grown, their hood (or umbrella) can measure up to 60cm in width. Presently, this species can be viewed only at SEA LIFE Munich in Germany and the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna.

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