SANDISK-Fotowettbewerb 2007

09.03.2007 13:22
Kategorie: News
Auch in diesem Jahr führt die Firma SANDISK wieder einen Fotowettbewerb durch. Preisgelder bis zu 80.000 US-Dollar winken. Näheres auf Deutsch ist auf der HP nachzulesen.

Hier der englische Pressetext:

Who will be the happy winner, who will be invited to SanDisk Red Sea 2007 competition?

Tel Aviv, March 8th 2007. SanDisk Red Sea 2007 competition will begin today, with an online monthly contest.
Each month, an online photography contest will be held, and photographers from all over the world are welcome to submit a serious of 3 digital photos (scanned photos are accepted).
On September a competition will be held among the 6 previous month`s winners (March - August), and one of them will be chosen as the competition`s winner.

Voting will be divided accordingly:
25% of all points will be given by the registered members, who vote online.
75% of all points will be given by 5 worldwide - 15% each judge.
The winner will be the photographer who got the highest score in the combined judges-divers votes. The winner will receive: flight tickets+ room and board + diving at the Red Sea 2007 contest.

The Main competition will be held the 3rd year in a row, at November 12-17, 2007. This year we`ve added several new categories, such as: Humor, Ecology& Nature care, Wrecks, Video Clip and a special category for beginners.

Our website is available in 9 different languages, with full details, rules and registering forms.

We have international organizations sponsoring our prizes, that reaches the total amount of 80,000$ this year. Among the rest: Paupa New Guinea tourism organizations, Palau, Cocos Islands, Maurizius, and the Red Sea, the big guys SanDisk, Seacam, , Olimpus, Oceanic Products and we are also negotiating with Sony and Epson who`ll increas the amount of prizes, given in this year`s competition.

This years we open a new category of Video Clip, that will be shoot and edited during the Eilat competition. Our guests of honor, who`ll come to the event- Christian Patron - the Titanic Cinematographer.