North Sulawesi – a safe bet for your next vacation

12.08.2019 11:12
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It is for a good reason that North Sulawesi is on most divers’ bucket list: The unsurpassed biodiversity of the coral triangle can be enjoyed on all dives, be it along the walls of the Bunaken Nation Park, which are overgrown with corals and sponges and where many turtles roam amongst the schools of colourful fish, be it on sandy muck dives, where divers can find the most exotic and strange creatures – there are just no boring dives in this part of the world!

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And speaking about «safe»: North Sulawesi is a very safe place to go to, for anyone looking for great dives and snorkelling or just relaxation. The region is predominantly Christian, the people are friendly and hospitable, and also the geological situation has been safe so far. The geological events of the recent past (earthquake, tsunami) happened in Central Sulawesi, which is hundreds of kilometres away from where Celebes Divers are. North Sulawesi did not have any of such recent events and remains the wonderful paradise it has always been.

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Easy to get to, wonderfully pristine

You get to Manado by a short and easy 3.5 hrs flight from Singapore, and Singapore itself is of course very well connected to many European and Asian cities. Once you have arrived in Manado, you will soon notice the unspoiled beauty of the land and the friendliness and hospitability of the people. The ugly sides of mass tourism are non-existent, you instead find a paradise for diving, snorkelling, and relaxation, which also has a good infrastructure to make your vacation as easy and safe as possible.

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Here could be your beach lounger, where the sun gently warms your skin after a swim in the 28°C warm sea, while you listen to the waves and enjoy the views of the ocean and the tropical island scenery.

“The way to a Man’s (and of course Woman’s) Heart is through his (her) stomach” –
The new F&B concept

During the last months the Celebes crew has completely re-assessed and updated the food & beverage concept, involving external specialists and leading to substantial investments in the infrastructure.

These changes included a complete renovation and reorganization of the kitchens and storage spaces, and they now also have their own bakery, which provides all of the Celebes resorts with freshly baked bread and pastries.

Celebes is also building up an excellent reputation for good food, with an even larger selection of yummy dishes, while maintaining the top quality of the ingredients, and will continue to serve a mix of Indonesian and international cuisine. Breakfast will still be served as a buffet, with newly added tasty creations from the new bakery. For lunch and dinner, Celebes switched to an à-la-carte set-up, where guests can choose from two appetizers, three main courses and two desserts.
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So far, the guests are very happy with the new selection of dishes and bread and pastries from the new bakery.

Quality Divers Center Celebes Divers @ InterDive, Friedrichshafen, Germany

The dive fair InterDive in Friedrichshafen, Germany is well known for its familiar atmosphere, and Celebes Divers look forward to meeting you at our booth 213. There will be also a small gift for you (as long as available) – please stop by, it will be worth your while. Here is the link to InterDive

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