New exhibit opens at SEA LIFE Speyer

21.03.2016 07:41
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Visitors can learn more about tropical coral reef

A new exhibit on corals was opened last week at the SEA LIFE Speyer, giving visitors a glimpse into the hustle and bustle of this unique ecosystem.

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Called “World of Corals”, it features a tropical coral reef with 1,000 corals and more than 300 fish and other marine animals, in a clear all-round exhibit that offers visitors a 180 degree panoramic view. It holds 11,000 litres of water and is home to exotic creatures showing off their dazzling colours. It is designed to mimic an actual coral reef, in which each species interacts with one another in symbiosis. Similar to our human societies, each organism has its role to play and this works towards the survival of themselves and the reef ecosystem as a whole. The reef is expected to grow over time to become a full-fledged ecosystem.

The new exhibit is integrated into the existing ocean tanks, and is complemented by seven audio and interactive stations where visitors can learn more about the secrets of the sea, from the aquarium’s very own green turtle Marty (actually voiced by actor Patrick Bach). They can find out why the complex coral reef is similar to a metropolis. Marty also explains why it is important to save water, what sustainable fishing means, and also how protected areas help to promote the survival of marine animals.

At the opening ceremony for the new exhibit, guests viewed a short film showing how it was specially constructed, a feat that took over two months to complete. Jürgen Wendel, Europe's largest coral breeder, together with Arndt Hadamek, curator of SEA LIFE Speyer, was on hand to give a presentation about the “world of corals”.

Operation Manager Paul Mair said that the aim of the exhibit was to enhance the visitors’ understanding of reef habitats as environmental and human factors have destroyed 40 percent of reefs in the last 30 years. He was excited about the new exhibit, with its interactive stations that enable visitors to get a real feel for the underwater world.

The new exhibit also has a touch pool, where visitors can learn more about the starfish and cleaner shrimp, while staff from the aquarium is on hand to answer any questions the visitors may have.

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