Najada Diving: URSUIT Test Center

06.04.2018 15:56
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Finnish tradition in square

What connects Najada diving and URSUIT? Not only is Najada diving an URSUIT Test Center since 2011, but the owner is also Finnish. Coming from North Europe, Anna knows how wonderful a good dry suit is. Especially in a cold Spring like this year, it is very important, that divers feel comfortable under as well as above water. Najada diving organizes on a regular base trial weekends, where the guests are offered a chance to try out different models.

Gallery 1 here

Here you find a few pictures from most popular suits:
softdura and Kevlar-  in trendy orange color
trilaminat - comfortable lady model in Bordeaux-black
softdura – conservative black & grey

For a test event (trial weekend), kindly contact:

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