Najada, Croatia: Save the seagrass

13.11.2019 10:38
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Marine biology project at Najada Diving

In June 2019, Najada diving was involved in a marine biology project to study the damage to Zostera (seagrass) in busy bays. The project, which took place in October was the logical continuation, namely, how such damage can be repaired. Before the boats headed in direction of the National Park Kornati, the teams of Selc, Biosurey and Sunce met in the dive center and the planned approach was discussed in detail.

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The boat of the national park, already loaded with the necessary gear, was waiting for us when we arrived at the destination. The first day was mainly used to define and mark the area that was to be revived. Furthermore, an area had to be found from which Zostera could be removed without damage for transplanting.

The second day started a bit turbulent with wind and rain. Thank God the weather calmed down on our arrival. The divers collected the necessary amount of seagrass to cover the planned area. At the same time, the work started on land. All required parts had to be prepared. They are all made of plastic, which is made of starch, and will completely be dissolved in the water after two years. The individual plants were threaded into the bars and the bars arranged into a star-shaped body. Overnight, these stars were stored in the water.

The third and last day started with beautiful autumn weather. The stars were brought to the selected area and fixed to the ground. Seagrass is growing again on approximately 200m2 and should spread over the next few years.

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The project will be monitored regularly over the next few years. After all work was done the team cleaned up under water and disposed any garbage. Then the boats returned. Everyone was a bit tired but very satisfied. A perfect time for a cozy deco beer...

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