Kasos, Greece: Ancient artifacts recovered from sunken merchant ship

25.01.2021 12:03
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Discovery from ancient times

Greek archaeologists have discovered a trove of objects from ancient times off the small island of Kasos, east of Crete.

The island lies on a route that has connected the Aegean Sea with the eastern Mediterranean since ancient times. A rough sea, which even then around the island, brought numerous ships in distress - to sinking.

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In the wreck of one of the sunken freighters from the Roman period, amphorae and other ceramic objects were recovered from the sea by divers a few days ago.

The recovered objects come from Spanish ceramic manufactories from the region of the Guadalquivir River, but also from the region of present-day Tunisia.

Archaeologist Eleni Stylianou stressed to Deutsche Presse-Agentur that this shows "how dense trade between the countries around the Mediterranean was even then"

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The Greek state radio reported last week that in the coming years, more wrecks off the Greek island will be investigated.

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