Indonesia sinks more than 100 fishing boats

11.11.2015 22:35
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Tougher measures in crackdown on illegal fishing

A fishing ship on fire - © Indonesia Maritime and Fishery Ministry
A fishing ship on fire. ©  Indonesia Maritime and Fishery Ministry

A hundred and six boats had been sunk within the first year of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Minister (KKP) Susi Pudjiastut’s leadership.
The boats had been found fishing illegally in the waters of Indonesia. This strong decisive action against illegal fishing is reminiscent of similar measures that Palau had taken in June this year (see related news article).

The minister had in the past acknowledged that illegal fishing was a global problem linked to slavery, human trafficking, and the smuggling of drugs and fauna.

In addition, KKP director general of Marine and Fisheries Resources Asep Burhanuddin said another six more boats would be subsequently soon after, reiterating the country’s tougher stand against illegal fishing. He urged the Indonesian government to equip the coast guard with weapons to enable them to effectively protect the marine resources.

Data from the KKP’s Director General’s office indicates that in the first year of Susi’s leadership, Indonesia had sunk 97 illegal fishing boats: 34 from the Philippines, 33 from Vietnam, 21 from Thailand, 6 from Malaysia, 2 from Papua New Guinea and 1 from China.