Dolphinarium in Finland to close

04.11.2015 06:51
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Decision spells success for ocean conservation

Dolphin in freedom - © Andy Schumacher/Taucher.Net
The famous Särkänniemi Amusement Park in Tampere, Finland will close its dolphinarium in early 2016.

Currently, there are still four bottlenose dolphins at Särkänniemi—but not for long, as the establishment is slated for closure soon.
There are two reasons for the closure: the ongoing protests against the captivity of the dolphins and the lack of profitability.

"The dolphinarium has not been profitable for a long time. Moreover, public opinion is increasingly against the captivity of these animals,” said a spokeswoman for the amusement park.

Currently, it is uncertain whether the dolphins would be moved to another dolpinarium or be released into the wild.

The theme park opened its dolphinarium in 1985 and completely renovated and expanded it in 2007.

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