Diving (Icebergs) in Greenland

11.09.2015 08:35
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Welcome to an amazing Arctic adventure

Diving an Iceberg - © Sven Gust
Seeing an iceberg up close is an intense experience, with its majesty and beauty right before you. Yet, when you consider that 80 to 90% of its entire size is actually beneath the water surface, that’s when the enormity of the white colossus hits you.

Every iceberg is different. Blue ice often leads to the most interesting structures being formed. Yet, as massive as they are, they are impermanent. Depending on the atmospheric temperatures, parts of the iceberg may break off, and the entire structure may capsize.

The original inhabitants of Greenland, the Inuit, have a special understanding of the ice that surrounds them. Thus, they are the best people to be the boat leaders and consultants for our diving expeditions to the Arctic.

Of course, as you look around you, it is obvious that Greenland isn’t just about icebergs. Add in the gigantic landscapes, native wildlife, traditional culture and friendly people – and the fact that it is practically at the end of the inhabited world – and what you get is a unique experience not found anywhere else.

Wonderland full of diverse animal

Ghost Shark (Chimaeridae) © Sven Gust
Ghost Shark

Beneath the chilly waters, a wonderland full of diverse animal and plant life awaits the underwater photographer. There are walls that are practically covered with kelp and coral, presenting an ideal habitat for sea slugs, shrimp and other marine life. A heaven for macro photography enthusiasts.

For photographers and divers who prefer adventure at the other end of the spectrum, there are fantastic motives made out of ice. Here, the interplay of light and colour amidst the massive ice sculptures, are bound to enthral you with enchanting and unique impressions and imagery on every dive.

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