diving.DE Flamenco - the first guests after 1,5 years corona pause

28.07.2021 08:42
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Last week, on July 22, 2021, the time had finally come. After more than 16 months of forced break the diving.DE Flamenco dive center in el Quseir at the southern Red Sea could finally open its doors to the underwater world again.

With the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, the team bid a tearful farewell to the last guests on March 16, 2020. However, no one would have believed at the time that the forced break at that time would turn into a closure of over 16 months.

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During this time, the Flamenco Beach Resort in el Qusier, on whose grounds the dive center is located, was completely closed. An opening would not have been profitable for the hotel for economic reasons and therefore the dive center remained closed for the entire period.

A difficult time for the hotel and the diving.DE Flamenco team. There was no governmental help during the whole period, short-time allowance or other achievements of the EU can only be dreamed of in Egypt or Africa. Of course, this also applies to all team members, because a social safety net, as it is known in Europe, is not provided in Africa.

And so the people in charge of diving.DE Flamenco have voluntarily paid a basic salary to all employees for over a year, so that the team members, some of whom have been employed for years, do not have to go hungry.

Inspired by the donations of some regular guests from different countries, who wanted to support their beloved dive center and the team, Andreas Häckler also started (we reported) a charity run to support the local crew with donations. Thanks to active participation the run was a complete success!

But now finally it is time again! The Flamenco Beach Resort was reopened on July 22nd and so was the dive center. On July 23rd the first guests were welcomed.

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The three generation family Franzi, Elke, Hendrik, Max and Michael from Germany and Thomas from Austria were the first guests. Both the family and Thomas were not the first time at diving.DE Flamenco and already know their way around the place. For this reason they didn't hesitate and took the chance to escape the tourist masses in Europe and enjoy a quiet and relaxed vacation at the Red Sea.

The diving.DE team and of course also all guests are confident that it goes on now again. Especially the whole team was happy to welcome guests at the dive center again and to dive with them.

The responsible persons of diving.DE hope that also the last closed diving.DE dive center - diving.DE Candidasa, Bali - will be able to welcome guests in the coming months and that all diving.DE dive centers will be open again.

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