Celebes Divers Is the First Climate-Neutral Resort Operator in North Sulawesi

12.11.2019 15:33
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Celebes Divers, a North Sulawesi dive and holiday resort operator, has been the first climate-neutral tourism company in North Sulawesi since the end of September. The renowned climate protection company ClimatePartner officially confirmed that Celebes Divers is now CO2-neutral. Celebes Divers with its three resorts in North Sulawesi has been dealing with the topic of environmental protection for years.

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Sustainability and the protection of the environment will shape the tourism of the future worldwide. Particularly in emerging and third world countries, tourism providers can assume their social responsibility and help to better protect the environment with targeted measures. Celebes Divers, a provider specialising in diving holidays, has over 20 years of experience in setting up and running tourism projects in Indonesia. Celebes Divers is majority Swiss and German owned and managed locally under Swiss and German management.

Our efforts in the field of environmental and climate protection have now been rewarded: A few weeks ago, the renowned climate protection company ClimatePartner confirmed the climate neutrality of CelebesDivers’ resorts and services. With the label „Climate Neutral Hotel“ ClimatePartner confirms that all our CO2 emissions were computed and balanced through certified climatic protection projects.

Numerous measures to reduce the impact on the environment

For Oli Hofer, General Manager of Celebes Divers, the ClimatePartner label is "a recognition and an incentive that we are on the right track when it comes to climate protection. I am convinced that the sensitivity of our guests in this area will increase massively; this also corresponds to our conviction and we want to take this into account".

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During the last years, Celebes Divers has already taken numerous measures to reduce its impact on the environment: At the three resorts Kuda Laut, Onong, and Mapia, for example, reusable water bottles and refillable shampoo and soap dispensers have been introduced. Plastic straws are no longer used in the resorts, reef-friendly sunscreen is sold in the shops, and all lighting has been switched to LED. Together with a renowned Swiss F&B consultant, Celebes Divers introduced a new kitchen concept at the beginning of this year. All kitchen appliances were exchanged for energy-saving appliances. This measure has not only significantly reduced emissions, but it also allows Celebes Divers to spoil its guests at a high culinary level.

In recent years, Celebes Divers has implemented several measures in the energy sector in particular: Only natural gas is used to produce hot water, and all generators have been replaced by modern generators with significantly lower emissions. The purchase of new marine engines has also significantly reduced CO2 emissions. Celebes Divers also attaches great importance to the involvement of the local population and to social responsibility in the region. Food is only purchased from local suppliers, which reduces transport distances and keeps the added value in the region.

Celebes Divers not only wants to involve its employees, but also its guests in its efforts for the environment: With a voluntary contribution of one Euro per night and per guest, they can contribute to the realisation of future projects in the areas of environmental and climate protection. From the beginning of October, guests will also receive a free net that they can take with them on their dives in order to take with them waste floating in the sea. The resorts also organise regular "cleanup days", at which waste is collected in the sea and on the beach.

Celebes Divers will continue along this path and future projects are already planned. For example, a new drinking water treatment plant will soon be built, which means that drinking water no longer will have to be transported from the mainland to the island of Siladen. This will also result in a further significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

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