Berichte zu Auswirkungen der Hurricanes in Tauchgebieten

23.09.2004 17:22
Kategorie: News
In an effort to keep you updated on all dive destinations affected by recent hurricanes, Scuba Diving`s Depth-Finder provides the links below
for information on damage and clean-up. Many of the resorts and dive operators are ALREADY UP AND RUNNING and others will be in the near future, depending on the extent of the damage. Just click on the links below for specific information on the destination you are interested in.

> Aquanauts Grenada Survives and Is Open Following Hurricane Ivan

> Grenada Tourism
Recovery and Relief Update

> Hurricane Ivan
Updates from Cayman Islands Dive Operators and Resorts

> Cayman Islands in
Need of Humanitarian Aid After Hurricane Ivan

> Official updates
on the Cayman Islands` Tourism site

> Puerto Rico

> Barbados Update

> Florida Keys
Escape Ivan`s Wrath; Destination Set to Open for Visitors Thursday

> Hurricane Ivan
Relief Effort Seeks Supplies, Donations for Grenada

> Hurricane Ivan
Updates: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Tobago

> Greater Fort
Lauderdale Minimally Affected by Hurricane Frances

> Hurricane Frances
Update from the Bahamas Diving Association

For the latest updates, visit the Bahamas Diving Association`s web site

, and click on
"Hurricane Frances Update".

> Stuart Cove`s
Escapes Hurricane Frances With A Near Miss

> Hurricane Frances
Update from the Turks & Caicos

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